Mobile ad system

Mobile web interstitial ad system for advertisers.

Client: Yahoo!
Date: September 1, 2016
Services: Mobile web, UX

V1. Native ad solution: shipped

As part of my design process, there were significant explorations into this ad system. There was a question as to how native the ad format should be? & native to Yahoo or the retailer/business or both? Certain affordances needed to be available for advertisers, image, slideshows, location maps, logos and if they didn’t have a logo, providing an icon that represented their business. This particular system was neutral, yet elegant. Both advertiser and Yahoo were happy with this particular native ad solution, as it wasn’t overpowering in the Yahoo brand nor the advertiser brand.

V2. Yahoo-branded native ads

This particular native ad solution was aggressive in terms of color usage. Utilizing the purple in the Yahoo brand. 


V3. Advertiser branded semi-native ads

In this exploration, I wanted to see if there could be a “marriage” so to speak of both advertiser brand and Yahoo native. Although customizing the ad system to each client was desirable by the advertiser, it wasn’t feasible to automate color picking for each advertiser, as well as assure the quality.