Mobile Events App

Concept for the Stub Hub app

The Story…

Wayne is a young and single thirty-something that lives in New York’s upper West Side and is a loyal StubHub customer. He’s a Yankees season ticket holder but since they aren’t in town this evening, he is looking for something else to do. He’s also a fan of music and the arts. It’s 3pm on Friday and he goes to Stub Hub on his phone to search for something to do while walking to grab a drink with coworkers.

Client: Stub Hub
Date: August 1, 2016
Services: Creative Direction, User Experience

Stub Hub presents types of events, like concerts, theater and the arts.

Wayne declares his interests by tapping on event categories he is interested in
learning more about.

This evening he really wants to see what’s going on that evening.
Time and distance are very important to him from where he currently is located.
The app displays the events for that evening near him and friends that are going to the events.

Stub Hub Messaging

Wayne starts chatting with friends, using Stub Hub’s messaging within the app.
He discovers that his friends are going to the Bruno Mars show, which is great because he didn’t want to go alone.

Seat Selection

Wayne returns to the main event screen and selects Bruno Mars.
He can pick a seat near his friends. The app has a filter that shows if there
are seats near your friends who are going. He picks a seat and selects purchase.